Investor Relations FAQ

1. Corporate Profile

When was OMRON founded and established?

OMRON was founded on May 10, 1933 and established on May 19,1948.

What is the origin of the name "OMRON"?

The company originated in an area of Kyoto called "Omuro", from which the name "OMRON" was derived.

What is OMRON's Stock Code?

The Stock Code is 6645.

On what stock exchanges is OMRON listed, in Japan and overseas?

In Japan, OMRON is listed on the Tokyo stock exchange.
Overseas, it is listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange
*OMRON is listed on the TSE (Tokyo) and the FWB (Frankfurt).
The stock market of the OSE (Osaka) was merged with the TSE on July 16, 2013.

Has an American Depositary Receipt (ADR) been issued?
On what U.S. market is the stock traded? What is the ticker symbol?

Yes, an ADR has been issued.
The stock is traded on U.S. over-the-counter markets. The ticker symbol is OMRNY.

2. Management Policies

What are OMRON's Management Policy and vision of future?

OMRON Group has developed a new long-term strategy for the decade up to 2020, called "Value Generation 2020," or "VG2020."
See "Management Strategy" for more.

3. Financial Performance and Other Financial Information

Where can I find information on OMRON's latest financial performance and forecasts?

Please refer to the Presentations Files , Financial Statements and Reference Data.

Where can I find OMRON's operating results for recent years?

Please refer to the fact books and other materials posted on this website.

When do you announce earnings?

Please follow this link to IR Calendar.

Can I obtain a transcript of Q&A sessions held at OMRON's earnings presentations for institutional investors and analysts?

Yes, you can find Q&A summary and other materials used in the presentations on this website. Click here to find out more about our earnings presentations..

How do I obtain a copy of OMRON's Annual (Integrated) Report?

Please follow this link to download a PDF-version of our Annual Report..

4. Sensing and Control Technology and R&D

What is OMRON's Sensing and Control technology?

It is technology used to identify and gather the special data that is needed by people or a system, and then rapidly and skillfully process the data to provide valuable information. OMRON seeks to create machines with capabilities approaching the level of the five senses, knowledge, and power of judgment of humans with the objective of realizing machines that can provide optimal service and data to each individual customer.

5. Business Fields

What are OMRON's business fields?

OMRON’s business fields are Industrial Automation Business (IAB), Healthcare Business (HCB), Social Systems, Solutions and Service Business (SSB), and Electronic and Mechanical Components Business (EMC).
Click here to find more.

6. Other Activities

What are OMRON's Sustainability (CSR) activities?

Please click here find out our Sustainability activities - corporate principles, corporate governance, compliance and environmental activities and more.

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