IR Dept. Structure and Function

IR Organization and System

OMRON's Investor Relations (IR) Department, Global Investor & Brand Communications Headquarters, is directly under President Yoshihito Yamada, led by Chief IR & Communications Officer. The 10-plus team is working on planning, supervising and promoting OMRON's investor relations activities.

We at IR Department are based in Tokyo, somewhat unusual for a company headquartered in Kyoto. We decided that Tokyo, the financial center of Japan, would be more convenient for investors. We have an IR room in Shinagawa office with displays of OMRON products and IR-related materials.

Aim of OMRON's IR Activities

The aim of OMRON's IR activities is to contribute to enhance corporate value through two-way communication with shareholders and investors: Precisely and promptly explaining the Company's financial conditions and management policies and reflecting comments and requests in our business management in return.

What We Do

OMRON carries out the following investor relations activities in the course of a year.

  • General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Issuing earnings reports: four times a year, each financial quarter
  • Holding business and technology presentations: a few times a year
  • Holding corporate presentations for individual investors: a dozen of times a year
  • Offering guided tours of manufacturing facilities in Japan and overseas: a few times a year
  • Face-to-face or telephone meetings with investors in Japan and overseas: >700 - 1,000 times a year
  • Issuing investor relations-related printed/digital materials, including integrated (annual) reports.
  • Planning and updating the investor relations section of OMRON's website

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